Friday, November 14, 2014

Gear Review: High-tech Handwear

There are very few articles of clothing I always bring with me on a backpacking trip. In the summer, I may skip the pants. In the winter, the short sleeve shirt is pretty pointless. But regardless of season, there’s one item that always comes with me:

My green sparkle gloves.

These gloves are priceless. They’re lightweight. They’re breathable and my hands don’t sweat inside them. They don’t melt when exposed to DEET. They do a fine job of shedding the wind. And they even allow me the dexterity to do most tasks while wearing them. Yes, fine gloves indeed.

But the best part, of course, is that they’re green and sparkly. It’s a fun little reminder not to take myself too seriously. The gear on my back may cost almost a third of what my car is worth, but my humble green sparkle gloves were bought on clearance in the children’s section of K-Mart. They set me back a buck fifty. Literally.

And the best part – when you inevitably post-hole in the soft winter snow, you look like even more of doofus with green sparkle gloves!

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