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Canyon Contemplation: Wandering in Bears Ears National Monument (TrailGroove Magazine Issue 53)

In Defense of the Weekend Warrior (Bivy adventure blog)

Bear Attacks Do Happen (ALDHA-West Gazette, Fall 2020)

Exploring an Ecosystem - Hiking a Greater Yellowstone Loop (TrailGroove blog) 

From Mexico to Canada - Thru-Hiking the Route In Between (TrailGroove blog)

Getting the Most Out of Your Gatewood Cape (Six Moons Designs blog)



The Trail Show #99 (Greater Yellowstone Loop; interview begins 39:30)

The Trail Show #93 (Route In Between; interview begins 51:50)

The Trail Show #72 (Uinta Highline Trail; interview begins 19:00)

Off Trail Podcast S2 E14

Orange Blaze Podcast #42

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