Sunday, November 4, 2018

Route X: Part 1

I've hiked quite a bit in the Escalante region of southern Utah. But there are still so many places left to explore. I wondered what would happen if I simply strung a bunch of them together into a longer journey. Something that's not the Hayduke Trail. Something that's not really anything at all. Something called, say, Route X. A route that's not a route.

I don't know how long Route X will be, where its termini are, or even all the places it will pass through. But, as previously asserted, doing something is more important than doing the perfect thing. So, this week, I did something. A section of country I hadn't been to before. And in the course of doing something, found it closer to perfect than I would have thought.

That's it. No exhaustive details. No route map. But I enjoyed it. And I hope you enjoy the photos.

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